Please RE-SCHEDULE if you are feeling sick, or have cold, flu like symptoms. You have come in contact with someone who was sick or was showing cold/flu like symptom. If someone in your household tested positive for COVID, or you have tested positive for COVID 19.

If you are vaccinated please provided us with a copy of your vaccination card or bring your vaccination card to your appointment.

We are asking all patients to provide immunization cards against covid-19 which can be emailed at [email protected]

           Thank you for taking the time to fill out these questionnaires.   

           Due to the pandemic the COVID 19 questionnaire will need to be filled out before appointment and in person. 

     The office of Dr. Jennifer is trying to go paperless. Therefore we have created a secure portal to our database.

      On the portal you can directly email Dr. Chen and other team members. See upcoming appointments, fill out forms and much more. 


   Patient Portal : 

https ://


Patient Forms